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"That thing next to the sprinkler pipe..."

The retard chamber is a component of a Fire Sprinkler system that connects to the alarm line of a system valve. The intent of the retard chamber is to prevent false alarms from pressure surges. Although the functionality of these devices are quite simple, they can be problematic over the years due to obstruction of the orifices caused from corrosion and debris. A task of the Fire Sprinkler inspection Touchstone Fire offers is to check these devices and ensure you will have appropriate notification in the event of an emergency. Just like human beings, these systems need to exercise in order to have optimal results.

‘Gee Whiz’ Info: Fire Pump Testing

Fire pumps come in different shapes and sizes. Really, they do. To differentiate each unit there are performance placards affixed to the pump, motor, and controller. These are extremely important to keep. The placard displays important information that is specific and unique to the pump. The data describes what flows and pressures should be accomplished during an annual flow test. At minimum, each year, there should be a full flow test of a fire pump. Unless there is a flow meter loop, this testing requires flowing streams of water out of valve headers while being measured with calibrated precision equipment. Touchstone Fire Protection is well equipped to accomplish these test as well as mai

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