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Why do you need a 5-Year FDC Test?

Did the Fire Marshal make a visit to your building and you are unsure of what a FDC test violation is? You are not alone. This test is commonly overlooked by jurisdictions across the country, mostly due to the 5 year cycle being hard to track for compliance.

The intent of this test is to reassure the reliability and integrity of the Fire Department Connection (FDC). A FDC is connected to the sprinkler system so that in the event of a fire the fire department can connect their hoses to these outlets to pump water at a much higher pressure. By helping the system get a much needed boost, especially if the fire is rapidly increasing in size, this could suppress the fire the valuable extra seconds to allow more time to egress.

Since the FDC is exposed to atmospheric air and isn't under constant water pressure, they are more prone to corrosion and failure. The test consist of hydrostatically pumping the FDC line to 150psi for 2 hours, as per NFPA 25, but some jurisdictions request different variations of pressure and timing.

Touchstone Fire is well-equipped at performing these test and have the procedures and programs in place as to where you won't have a lapse for a required service under our watch! Call today for your scheduled service or a free price quote.

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