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Here come's the sun... warmer weather means fire sprinkler flow testing!

It's early April and our Long Island forecast are still showing snow flake animation. Regardless of the relentless winter, we will be thawing out in the next coming weeks and you will begin to see all types of warm-weather reliant contractors beginning their services.

Certain aspects of Fire Sprinkler system testing is actually recommended to be done when the temperatures are hovering well above 40-degrees. Partly because it isn't much fun flowing thousands of gallons of water out of a Fire Hydrant or Fire Pump during a cold day but primarily because introducing water to piping during freezing temperatures can damage the system or cause ice blockages.

So, every spring, Touchstone Fire begins scheduling annual fire pump flow test, dry system trip test, and fire hydrant flow testing. If you have any questions about testing or if you are unsure of what type of testing your facility needs... give Team Touchstone a call!

Touchstone Fire

Post Indicator Valve (PIV), if you have one of these then you have a Fire Sprinkler system!


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