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Google Madness

Disclaimer: This post has zero to do with Fire Protection. It is just myself spewing off my opinion about my experiences with Google.

Google is really one hell of an asset. Anyone who has embarked on the journey of starting a small business has probably crossed paths with G Suite and Google Ads. Honestly, I know too many people whom either are in disbelief of the necessity of having an optimized presence on Google search (at minimum), or they abandoned these services because they got frustrated by how tough it could be to learn. I get it... I personally have had some nausea from staring at my Google Adwords dashboard late in the evening. But you get the hang of it with some time behind the wheel like most services with Google. I even got so used to it that I am now a G Suite user!

Anyway, a big part of knowing what Google offers is just being active and registered as a business. I get flyers all the time from Google with really cool stuff like branded stickers! The latest batch of free stuff is the #smallthanks program that creates content for us Veteran-Owned businesses. I suppose the customer is the ultimate judge of if the content is or is not clickworthy... but rest assured as a small business owner I am grateful for these money and time savers.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Google programs. I may not be a pro but I am happy to help.

Lastly, check out below for the video they gave. I will be posting some of the images on our various social media platforms as well!

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