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Reflection: HIA-LI's 24th Annual Business Achievement Awards

Below is a picture of me cheesing hard at the HIA-LI's 24th Annual Business Achievement Awards.

Touchstone Fire Protection was nominated for Rookie of the Year as one of the four finalist out of hundreds of businesses. When we initially found out of the recognition we were definitely excited, but once the ceremony came... I was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement.

It wasn't about winning, which is unique for myself because of my typically ultra-competitive personality. It was about reflection and affirmation. It's been a wild year and we are extremely proud of the progress. The businesses and people we are lucky to call our customers are whom give us the platform to practice what we preach.

So I thought about our mission to serve, it is the most core principle of our dynamic. Most of our customers came to us in desperate need of a new provider, they felt unimportant and didn't see much return on the relationship they had prior. The difference is that we are capable of honing in on communicating with our customers because we are a service first contractor. There aren't enormous installation projects engulfing management, budgets, and personal at TFP. In addition to genuinely caring about the customer we genuinely are invested in their system's functionality for the long term. Issues that require maintenance and testing are identified in our thorough inspection process, and proposed to customers in a way to where they can prioritize the scopes. We do not just give reports away and we certainly don't leave customer's without a plan to mitigate any concerns. In the long run, that's the return on investment with our services. The system won't slowly corrode itself into impairment and the customer will never have a surprise violation letter from the fire marshal because we keep the customer informed and engaged.

In short... the award ceremony was a great mile marker for us. We paused to reflect on our process and use the nomination as fuel to keep the good work flowing.

Time to keep on trucking forward and hit 2019 with full steam ahead.

With Gratitude,